2018 Vic Trip

Yet another trip to Victoria.  (In the car.)

First the VBC (Ulysses Victoria Breakfast Club) at Mildura.  A couple of nights in a motel there.  Happily we could walk to the breakfast  spot.
I love the way Victorians can park bikes just about anywhere.

Saturday afternoon & evening at the annual Wintersun rally, held at the Mildura speedway site, where some of the Victorians were camping.
Johnny’s bike is second from the left.
Limited variety of drinks, decent fast food, roaring fire, ordinary band, good company for yacking around the fire.  Michele was good enough to go back to our motel and fetch the bulk port, which Paul & I enjoyed.  (Johnny has no taste.)

Then off to Euston NSW, for 4 days at the Euston Club in a cabin.  Cheap price from Travel Auctions.  Very flash club.  Very quiet on and near the river this time of year.  Today (Wed) we walked to the weir (Lock 15) and back.  Sunny but cool.

Thursday on to Melbourne to stay at Leah’s.  Went via Gisborne.
Friday morning we went to Peter Stevens to test ride a bike.  The rain held off long enough to get a ride in.  (They don’t do test rides on wet roads.) Sold!


The Mildura photos were stolen from the VBC and Grampians Branch Facebooks (thanks Johnny & Paul).
We are able to travel as we do because our great neighbours and Ken’s cousin (& wife) look after the house in our absence.  No pets except for the fish, who have to like algae, and the wild birds, who have to find their own seed for a change.