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Peter & Colleen went down to Milang CP to have a few days there in their caravan stored there. Ken & Michele decided to go down too, now that restrictions are eased. Bruce & Anne came as well. (Our fellow Avan owners.) P&C got there first. B&A got there next after dropping off grandkids. K&M got there after dark, leaving home after the furniture deliverers had left, champing at the bit (supposed to arrive at 3, did so at 4.30).
Cool but sunny days, cold but dry nights. A campfire, sufficient red, white, bubbly, port, tea, coffee. What more could we want? A great few days. We will be doing more soon.

On the Friday afternoon the vans started arriving. The CP will probably be full this weekend!

Some photos from Ken's drone.
  • DJI 0019 DJI 0019
  • DJI 0020 DJI 0020
  • DJI 0023 DJI 0023
  • DJI 0025 DJI 0025
  • DJI 0027 DJI 0027
  • DJI 0028 DJI 0028
  • DJI 0029 DJI 0029
  • DJI 0030 DJI 0030
  • DJI 0031 DJI 0031
  • DJI 0032 DJI 0032
  • DJI 0033 DJI 0033