The problem

I have a D-Link DNS323 NAS box which I want to use in an unattended situation.

Trouble is, after a power failure, one has to press a switch on the box to get it to start up. How stupid is that?

A solution

So I built this circuit and mounted it inside the box, to automatically 'press' the switch after power-up.
See the piccies below.

DNS323 resetter circuit

The circuit above, waits around 30 seconds after power-up, before switching the transistor on for a couple of seconds.
It works fine. I almost used a PicAxe for the job and wrote the few lines of code needed, but decided that was overkill.
The diodes are to reset the capacitors if a transient power-down occurs during the power-up. So it needs a stable period of power before it switches the NAS on.
Invertor layouts are roughly as they are, looking from above the board.

Here is a closeup of the hand-wired board.
The white square at bottom-right is a bit of insulation stuck to the top of the metal-can transistor.

added board

The larger photo below shows the agricultural hand-made circuit double-sided stickied to the elegant slim NAS PCB.
There is plenty of room inside the metal case.
The wire going right, is soldered to the switch contact.
The pair going left, connect direct to the power connector pins, ground and +5v.
This photo shows the bottom of the NAS PCB.

board mounted on main board