The BT A01 Rs232 to Bluetooth Adapter

This page is about my BT A01 adapter. It converts bidirectional 4800bps RS232 to Bluetooth.
Details from where I bought it are here.
I've tried it connected to a Garmen eTrex Venture GPS receiver, with OziExplorer running on my Fujitsu Loox720 PocketPC PDA.
Seems to work fine.

I opened up the BT A01 and took pictures.

BT A01 Top view

Above is the top view.
This is the bottom side of a carrier PCB, and has the RS232 conversion components on it.
The connector is a 2.5mm stereo socket (pretty dumb choice, 3.5mm would have been better).

Below is the bottom view -a bit larger to show more detail.
It shows a Bluetooth PCB module on top of the larger PCB.
I removed a holographic sticker to see the larger chip, which destroyed the sticker.
(Well, the sticker left some of itself behind, which I removed with a cotton bud dipped in metho.)
The block bottom-right marked 'Rainsun' has two pins connected to the Bluetooth PCB module.
My guess is that it is an aerial and/or tuned circuit. Cannot see any anything else likely to be an aerial.

The large chip has an 'F' mark (I thought Fairchild were finished?) and is labelled:
29LV 800BE-90
0430 H55

The smaller chip under the barcode sticker is marked 'CSI' and labelled:

The large carrier PCB is marked 'PcM BTA01' and the small PCB is marked 'BT-20'.

BT A01 Bottom view

Hope this is useful to someone. If you want more info, email me:
kwag (1K)